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Bizarre Wimbledon 2013 Love it/ Hate it!

What a bummer of a ladies’ final last evening. Sheesh kebabs. Utterly uncompetitive. And they demand (and get, mind you) equal prize money. 1.6 million pounds to be precise, or nearly 2.5 million USD. For the winner, that is. Sabine Lisicki, for choking and sleepwalking through that entire final – alright, admittedly she did wake [...]

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Roger is a freak of nature: Rafa

Yup. We’ve been suspecting it all along and finally, validation comes from the highest source itself. Roger Federer’s greatest rival and good friend Rafael Nadal has confirmed what we have known all along – that Roger is no mere mortal. I received my copy of ‘Rafa: My Story’ a few days back and much as [...]

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The Last Slam?

The big question really is: Can Federer win his 17th? More importantly, can he win it now, at the 2011 US Open? I certainly hope so. And considering I have tickets to the men’s singles finals (yippee!) I am fervently praying for that to happen. No better way to round off my US Open pilgrimage [...]

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Rise of the Djoker

I don’t even like him all that much but I have to admit, I rooted full on for Novak Djokovic during Sunday’s Wimbledon final against Rafael Nadal. Now, everyone around me was quite surprised because normally, unless he is playing against Federer, I support Nadal over anyone else. It’s difficult to dislike Nadal, despite all [...]

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Not Just For Cows

Too bad about that French Open final. Yes, it was an exciting match punctuated with some astounding stroke making and underlined by the sport’s most legendary rivalry. But one man had to lose and I’m sorry it had to be Roger Federer. Because this was his best shot at a Grand Slam title in a [...]

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Twilight Epic

The morning after. What a match last night. And what a superhuman effort from Roger Federer to beat the man of the moment – Novak Djokovic. It was magical to see him back to his best, albeit in patches. There were times in that 4th set – when the 29-year-old legs were failing him and [...]

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Red Sunday

Spent Sunday evening at the happening Manchester United Cafe in Vasant Vihar with a couple of sports journo friends (one of whom was actually working i.e. giving live chats about the ‘atmosphere’) and one hilarious gora who was absolutely gobsmacked to see just how emotionally involved Indians could be with an English League! Had a [...]

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King of Clay

Men’s tennis has rarely seen eras like this. When the World No.6 gets whipped in straight sets, time and time again, by the World No.1. There honestly is such a gulf between the Rafa-Djoker-Fedex trio (yes, I would still mention Federer here, although his invincibility is fast fading) and the rest of the field that [...]

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