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The Hunger Games is no Twilight: Thank God!

At the outset, let me say I didn’t love it. But I really, really liked it. Gary Ross’ film adaptation of the Hunger Games has undoubtedly done justice to the bestselling cult books and doesn’t leave fans (like me!) disappointed. The screenplay stays true to the novel and the core characters are pretty much as [...]

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What’s with actresses and item songs?!!

What’s with actresses and item songs these days?? There used to be a time (not too long ago) when all the top actresses cared about were meaty roles. It was the only thing they would brag about. I’m talking Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta and certainly the likes of Tabu and Kajol. Bollywood may not [...]

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The most awaited movie of 2012?

It is not everyday that I become so obsessed with a work of fiction that I lie awake into the wee hours of the morning, trying to envision just how I would picturise it, had I been directing its movie adaptation. Alright, I’m weird, but put it down to a professional hazard where I’ve worked [...]

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Enough drivel please!

What is wrong with our public? Why do movies like Ra:One and Don 2 rake in the moolah and become ‘hits’? Are we so mentally retarded as an audience that we not only accept such drivel but actually turn them into blockbusters and thereby reinforce the message to filmmakers that crock-and-bull is what we want?
I [...]

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The Indian GP is here to stay!!

So, what can I say about India’s first ever Formula One Grand Prix? Well, first of all, kudos! Hats off to the business houses that brought this world class event to us as well as to India’s FMSCI (Vicky Chandhok in particular) for pulling it off in style! Having spent much of last year planning [...]

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Turn Off The Dark

Oh My God. Had the most spellbinding, gobsmacking, overwhelming experience last night. It was sheer magic and I’m still reeling from it, twelve hours later. After spending an afternoon doing the whole classic New York thing – jogging in Central Park, window shopping in 5th Avenue and strolling around Times Square, I was super excited [...]

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Pregnant Heroine? Get Real.

I’m sorry if it sounds anti-feminist or even discriminatory, but I think Madhur Bhandarkar is perfectly justified in shelving his film ‘Heroine’ because his leading lady is pregnant. The fact is, she’s going to get fat. Whether she likes it or not and whether she believes it or not. Take it from us – women [...]

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Star Dust

A few clips from the world of showbiz caught my eye this morning… Apparently Maria Shriver (who has my absolute sympathy by the way. The savvy woman made Arnold Schwarzenegger what he is – from dorky East European body builder to Governor of California) is all set to receive almost 300 MILLION DOLLARS in what [...]

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Cannes Red Carpet Honours

In defence of my violent reaction to Sonam Kapoor’s much touted Cannes debut in JPG (that’s Gaultier for neanderthals who don’t know), I must list my favourite looks from the six days of red carpet madness.
Bringing up my top 5 is Fan Bing Bing in Atelier Versace. Purple, feminine and flounce are not normally my [...]

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From Tigerblood to Cougarblood

This just in – Ashton Kutcher is to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Yes, to play Charlie Harper. You say WHAT?! I say, yeah exactly. So the lead character is going from a lady killer to a lady’s kill (sorry Demi, I do love you, but its true).
Like seriously, the casting [...]

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