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Cynics, take a chill pill!

As the Aam Aadmi Party won the trust vote in the Delhi Assembly, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said it was a people’s victory. I agree with him. It was. And I’m not some naïve babe in the woods. But neither am I a cynic. And I think that’s where most of us fit in – [...]

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Manish Tewari, Jest in Time!

“I want to be a stand-up comic, next”. Yes, that’s what the Minister of Information & Broadcasting said this bright and shiny Monday morning as a host of eminent personalities got together to celebrate something quite out of the ordinary. It was the launch of a collector’s item coffee table book commemorating 175 years of [...]

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No Country For Women

“Living in this country, I’d feel terrified if I had daughters”. This is what I found myself saying to my husband this morning. And I cannot even begin to explain how much it broke my heart to say something like that. I’m the one who broke down and wept when I was told that my [...]

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Imran Khan and Pakistan

A couple of days ago, a very senior and very successful female colleague of mine loudly proclaimed “If I were Pakistani, I’d vote for Imran Khan… I’m Punjabi after all, shakal dekh ke vote dete hain!”  I laughed because she’s normally a pragmatist, not to mention a very sharp political analyst. And none of the [...]

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Blind, deaf, dumb and heartless system

It makes me so livid, I want to scream. One of the barbarians who brutally raped and murdered that poor 23-year-old in Delhi on the night of December 16, 2012, is about to go virtually scot-free. Because our blind, deaf and dumb legal system is allowing that to happen. All because he is seventeen years [...]

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Olympic Disgrace

It’s really so pathetic. The Indian Olympic Association suspended by the International Olympic Committee. I mean, really, can we not get our act together enough to convince the world that we’re not a bunch of morons? But that exactly, is the problem: sports in our country are in fact, run by a bunch of power-hungry, [...]

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Breath of fresh air

There was something so utterly delightful about watching a bunch of teenaged kids getting wide-eyed with wonder as they registered the rather improbable fact that they have become nationwide celebrities. The sheer delight on the faces of some, absolute astonishment on others and heartwarming, genuine grins on all.
I was thrilled to have been anchoring the [...]

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Welcome back, Yuvi

It’s been a crazy few weeks for me (which is why I’ve pretty much been AWOL from social networking) but an emotional day yesterday as I interviewed Yuvraj Singh after a gap of many, many years has prompted me to write. No it’s not just because he’s won his battle against cancer. And certainly not [...]

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Absolute bloody shocker

Am SO angry about Delhi Daredevils’ loss to Chennai Super Kings last night, I could literally kill someone. And no, its not because I’m some rabid fan who cannot bear to see the local team lose. Nothing like that. I’m pissed off as hell because cricket and its establishment are making first class ch**ias of [...]

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The most awaited movie of 2012?

It is not everyday that I become so obsessed with a work of fiction that I lie awake into the wee hours of the morning, trying to envision just how I would picturise it, had I been directing its movie adaptation. Alright, I’m weird, but put it down to a professional hazard where I’ve worked [...]

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