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10 books that changed my life

Okay so since many of my friends seem to be making this list of favourite books these days, I thought I’d do it too. And no, I haven’t been ‘tagged’ to do it (its NOT an Ice Bucket Challenge). Some of your lists got me thinking about mine. These are not just books I’ve enjoyed [...]

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Manish Tewari, Jest in Time!

“I want to be a stand-up comic, next”. Yes, that’s what the Minister of Information & Broadcasting said this bright and shiny Monday morning as a host of eminent personalities got together to celebrate something quite out of the ordinary. It was the launch of a collector’s item coffee table book commemorating 175 years of [...]

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The most awaited movie of 2012?

It is not everyday that I become so obsessed with a work of fiction that I lie awake into the wee hours of the morning, trying to envision just how I would picturise it, had I been directing its movie adaptation. Alright, I’m weird, but put it down to a professional hazard where I’ve worked [...]

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Roger is a freak of nature: Rafa

Yup. We’ve been suspecting it all along and finally, validation comes from the highest source itself. Roger Federer’s greatest rival and good friend Rafael Nadal has confirmed what we have known all along – that Roger is no mere mortal. I received my copy of ‘Rafa: My Story’ a few days back and much as [...]

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It’s Raining Novels!

Okay, so I am chin deep in all sorts of work – from anchoring World Cup post match shows on DD Sports to finishing construction of my new house, from reviving my interest in art & painting to bringing up two boys and of course, writing.
Good old writing that happens to be my personal escape [...]

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Tennis, anyone?

I want to work on only tennis from now on. There, I said it. Pooh to all of you gasping with disbelief  ’Can an Indian sportsjournalist actually NOT want to work on cricket?’. Well, the answer is a resounding YES.  I’m soooo Goddamn fed up of it.  Its an overdose that makes me sick to the [...]

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